Guru Chandaal Yoga

What is Guru Chandal Yoga?
Planets move together to form combinations in horoscope. In the process, they create opportunities for us to improve our life. Though we may gain in one department of life, there could be the other side or aspect of life that takes the pressure and suffers. Guru-Chandal Yoga is one such tricky as well as beneficial celestial combination. It may be present as a natal combination in your horoscope. It could even be formed in transit. I such combination in transit had formed last year in November 2016 when Jupiter had moves in with Rahu. ‘Guru’ means your conscious & good counsel while Chandal is the inner demon & the base instincts we have. Guru-Chandal is thus symbolical of coming together of the ‘opposites’ like a combination of black & white.

What does Jupiter – Rahu Conjunction mean for you?

The coming together of the guru planet Jupiter with the dragon’s head Rahu offers some real opportunities.. This conjunction in a horoscope bestows with material success, financial rewards and career changes. But this also messed up on some other fronts. As a shadowy planet, Rahu brings out our inner demon taking us away from our true duties, human values & kindness due to the mixing of good with bad in Guru Chandal Yoga. Our base instincts get better of us, taking us away from our friends & family, in the race to achieve more on career & professional front.

There’s no denying that Guru Chandal Yoga affects the entire world population in one way or the other. There are opportunities in form of financial growth & career changes too which you need to be identified and leveraged with your hard work. But it is important to be able to do this without suffering losses on the personal front, without losing the love of your family & friends and most importantly, without hurting people around you. This is a delicate & tricky combination as your thinking & personality alters due to clouding of your mind & thoughts.

What you can expect from your Guru-Chandal Reading?

In such times of clouded sensitivity & perception, Guru Chandal Reading will:

  • Provide much help to leverage the opportunities thrown open.
  • It will issue the caution to be exercised to avert damage possible with Rahu’s conjuncting Jupiter.
  • Specific dates when decision making could be impaired & when you need to be vigilant and watchful.
  • Dates to initiate new projects can be calculated for greater success.
  • Also the dos and the don’ts along with practical remedies will be provided.